Tridacnids, a Gallery from the Red Sea, Part 2

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Invertebrates, Photography | 0 comments

This is the second part of the gallery of my favorite tridacnids from the Red Sea.  As you can imagine I’ve picked the best, so this collection isn’t exhaustive. I have ignored quite a few of the small brown ones, and have instead selected ones that particularly stood out as I finned past.  I hope you enjoy part two!

I love these three small specimens. Of course it looks interesting to us, but I imagine these animals are in a life and death struggle for space and light. Which one will win out?

This is quite a restrained animal in terms of color. The attractive Acropora at top right helps illustrate the clam’s size.

One of my favorites, but also a very shy specimen. I waited for ages, hoping I could stay close for a shot and it would open its mantle more, but alas this was the best I could do.

So many aquarists rest their clams on the substrate, but in nature they are often deeply embedded in coral.

If I had to suggest a clam that best represented the entire collection, I would pick this one, the closest I could find to an ‘average Red Sea tridacnid.’


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