There really isn’t any shortage of cool new food for your reef tank these days.  Let’s be honest, your LFS is starting to look more and more like Whole Foods than Petco.  From fancy refrigerated foods to live bottled bacteria and amino acids, everyone in your family should be eating healthy.  The phrase “probiotic” might be a bit overused these days, but this new food from Tropic Eden is said to contain a wide variety of bacterioplankton in realm of .2 – 2.0 microns, which is ideal for filter feeders, NPS corals, and even the old standby SPSs.  We have yet to get a sample of this new food, but it does make a LOT of claims about benefits to the tank inhabitants so we’d love to get our hands on a bottle for some ultra-non-scientific testing.  You can order Bacto Plankton from Premium Aquatics HERE.

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