Tunze 9415 and 9430 DOC Protein Skimmers

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Tunze 9415 and 9430 DOC Protein Skimmers

The new DOC Skimmer 9415

Read the Tunze DOC Skimmer flyer

Tunze’s DOC Skimmers are designed as plug-and-play complete filtration systems (a skimmer with built-in mechanical and optional chemical filtration).

The new DOC Skimmer 9415 replaces the 9420 and will cost over $200 less (retail price of ~$600 USD).  Tunze was able to save cost by going with a molded base and lid instead of costly hand acrylic work used in their previous DOC Skimmer line. The new DOC Skimmer 9430 replaces 9440 with a retail price of ~$700 USD.  Unlike the 9440 it is replacing, the 9430 uses a single, stronger Hydrofoamer Silence pump instead of two small pumps to save cost while reducing noise and electrical consumption.

tunze expects to ship the new DOC Skimmers sometime in June, 2012.

The DOC Skimmers feature:

  • High skimming action at low wattage.
  • Outgoing water without bubbles.
  • DOC skimmer made of high-quality materials.
  • No adjustments.
  • Uniform output.
  • Patented anti-overfoaming system prevents overfoaming of the skimmer and regulates the skimming action.
  • Using the water energy of the output water: All DOC skimmers contain a removable post-filter, which carries out a perfect mechanical filtration through 300 μm acrylic wadding fibres.
  • The filter can be filled with other filter media, such as activated carbon or phosphate absorber.
  • Simple cleaning: Skimmer cup and foam reactor are one unit.
  • Very soft operation with Hydrofoamer Silence.
  • Especially robust construction of dispergator and high-performance rotor.



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