Tunze’s Care Magnet now floats thanks to Care Booster!

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Years ago when I was setting up my tank, I asked my friends which algae scraper I should get.

David Hammontree of Reef2Reef sent me a link to a review that he personally did on Tunze’s Care magnet.  (You can click on the link HERE to read the review) Good personal recommendation from a friend and good, reputable, quality German brand; I was sold. That day I went ahead and got myself the appropriate model for my glass thickness which was 3/4 inch and went to town on the unwanted algae that made my display tank’s glass unsightly. It became one of the most often used utensils in my aquarium maintenance arsenal.

Fast forward to a few years later, I saw my friend Roger Vitko of tunze USA post something that piqued my interest.




For those of you that have used tunze’s magnet glass cleaners, one universal gripe you were probably aware of is that it didn’t float. If you weren’t careful while making that turn from one panel to the next, it would fall. Personally, I just learned to accept it and dealt with it over the years while some ventured onto different brands. But late one February morning, Roger of  tunze posted a teaser post about Care Booster.

Care Booster? 

I reached out to my friend, hoping to find out about it. Luck would have it that he had just received the first 5 test samples in the stateside and sent me one to see. This will probably be the first time you have see it aside from the showing they had at Reef Stock 2020 a few weeks in Colorado.

What’s in the box. 

In the box, I found 1 set of foam design that hugs the existing glass cleaner and 3D printed clip aa well as screws that hold the tunze’s care magnet in place. I was told that the launched products will be more refined and clips will not be 3D printed but molded.

I found two options for using this.

1.) You can use it for the internal magnet only. If you do this, you can use the second one for the other aquarium in the house. Don’t judge me. We all know we eventually get more then one tank in this hobby.

2.) You can put these care booster pads on both inside and outside magnets.
This way, this will provide additional grip space making it easier for you to glide through the glass to clean the aquarium.



Installation was effortless and took literally a minute to put it all together. Here are the pictures of the magnet installed from the top view and the bottom view.  (yes, I know that my glass cleaner is old)


For those of you wishing that your tunze magnet cleaner would float, this is their solution. Be sure to check them out. The cost of this unit is $12.99 and it should be available in a local fish store near you or any reputable online vendors very shortly. (I was told April of 2020 but with this Corona virus going around, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small delay) I am going to get that glass extra clean today. I am sure you will too once you get your hands on one of these!

Happy reefing!

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