Only in Florida. Or so it seems. And I preface this article by saying don’t try this yourself. But one thing is clear, you certaintly don’t see video like this every day. In the quiet town of Destin, Florida, these two brothers rescued a Hammerhead shark which was injured and swimming around close to shore. You can watch the brothers bravely pull the shark to shore and fearlessly remove the two hooks and a lure from the sharks mouth. What’s even more shocking, iperhaps, is watching the brothers pull the shark into deeper water so it could swim away. I think these two brothers would get applause from some of the most talented of marine biologists.

Anyone who has worked with sharks knows what these two brothers did was a challenging task. While preceeding in the course is not advisable, it is heartwarming to see two brothers coming to the aid of this shark, instead of running away from it, as would be more commonly expected. It’s not easy to know what to do in a situation like this. However, it brings up a good time to raise awareness of how to act in a situation similar to this one if you see injured marine life while at the beach or on a boat. PAWS has some very good information available regarding marine mammals. Additionally, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has some helpful information on who to call to report injured wildlife to that will hopefully ensure a safe outcome for all involved. MORE

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