Two new Devario "Giant Danio" species

Devario annnataliae

Devario annnataliae is only recorded from torrents close to the foot of Brahmana Ella waterfall in the Sinharaja World Heritage Site, which is a protected reserve so this fish is unlikely to find its way to the aquarium trade.

Devario udenii, below, was observed in fast-flowing water within moderately shaded areas at Homadola stream.

Devarios are generally very hardy fishes that will feed on just about anything available.  As their habitats suggest, they are active fish and do well in larger aquariums with plenty of water movement.  These are schooling fish and fare best in groups.  Devarios readily breed in captivity.

The two new species is described in FishTaxa.

Devario udenii
Devario udenii

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