Two new Lake Malawi cichilds are amazing

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Advanced Aquarist | 0 comments

L.chlorosiglos and L.simoneae join L.fuelleborni and L.fuelleborni in the Labeotropheus genus.  These cichlids are some of the most spectacularly and (more pertinently) variably colored fish in the world; thus, there is potential for even more distinct species upon further examination.  The two new species are both found near Katale Island alongside the Luromo Peninsula in northwestern Lake Malaŵi.  The wide variety of Labeotropheus from different areas of the lake may in fact be more than just unique color morphs but rather unique species.

Lake Malawi cichlids are popular algae-grazing aquarium fish that prefer alkaline water and large rocky substrates, which mimic their natural habitat.  No doubt L.chlorosiglos and L.simoneae are already in the aquarium hobby, only now defined as unique species in the journal Copeia.



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