Sueviota pyrios

(Greenfield & Randall, 2017)

Sueviota pyrios is named after one of the four horses in Greek mythology that pulled the chariot of the
sun god across the sky.  It’s an obvious reference to the goby’s intense orange-red coloration.


Sueviota pyrios, fresh holotype (16.5 mm) from Eilat, Gulf of Aqaba (J.E. Randall).

Sueviota tubicola

(Allen & Erdmann, 2017)

This goby was discovered in PNG at depth between 20 to 35 meters.  The goby is “invariably associated with an unidentified tubeworm species that constructs vertical, stick-like structures that project to a height of about 30 cm above the substrate” – hence it’s latin name “tubicola.”  When disturbed, the tiny goby retreats into the tube worm via a variety of openings.


Sueviota tubicola, underwater photographs (15–17 mm) from Normanby Island, Papua New Guinea (M.V. Erdmann & G.R. Allen).

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