Two newly described Acentrogobius gobies

Acentrogobius vanderloosi. All photos credited to G.R. Allen.

The two new species are found on the muddy substrate of Alotau, a rarely dived location due to its low visibility and low diversity of animals (unlike the biodiverse muck habitats of Lembeh Strait, Philippines).  Both species are relatively small and range from 3 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches). While the two species are well camouflaged against the sandy background and are not the most colorful gobies, both still possess subtle beauty, especially A.violarisi pictured below.

The gobies are described in the latest issue of Ocean Science Foundation.


Acentrogobius violarisi.  Smaller specimen above is likely a female, while the larger specimen below is likely a male.

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