Blue Harbor Video Series: Liopropoma aberrans | Jeboehlkia gladifer | Tosanoides flavofasciatus

blade2.jpgJeboehlkia gladifer | The two videos show the Bladefin Basslet in its holding cubicle –  a seemingly bold, beautiful, little fish.

According to Blue Harbor, this specimen (along with the L.aberrans) was caught at Curacao by Forrest Young (Director of Dynasty Marine, Florida) using a submersible to reach the incredible depth of 250m (800ft) depth.  Extreme deep water collection is both very expensive and risky, so the high price tag for this Bladefin Basslet isn’t without merit.  While only a handful of aquarist in the world are able to purchase a fish like this, it is these people and institutions who make it possible for all of us to share in the knowledge of these discoveries.


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