Underwater Photos of the Year

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Eye Candy, Photography, Reef | 4 comments

The IUCN has announced their Underwater Photographer of the Year, and the final images are fantastic.  A gallery of the images is available here.  The winner, William Goodwin, claimed first place with his photo named “Grouper Peek-a-boo”.  Enjoy the images and congrats to all of the winners.

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  1. Dominick Cirigliano

    Awesome pictures!

  2. lfsmarineguy

    Agreed, except I think there are a few that were better than the grouper shot that took 1st.

  3. Marcin Smok

    Beautiful pictures, I love the one with two gobies, especially that it is a real difficulty to take one like that

  4. Alex

    I love the clam pic, awesome photo.


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