Undulate Rays are an Endangered Species that is primarily found in the waters of England. The rays typically grow to between 10-20 pounds and can live up to 20 years. Over fishing has been blamed for the decimation of the natural population of Undulate Rays, and commercial fishing was banned in 2009. Sea Life Aquarium in London has a breeding program focused on breeding rays, including Undulate Rays and Southern Stingrays. The Aquarium’s motto is ‘ Breed, Rescue and Protect’ and also has successful seahorse, shark and turtle breeding programs, to name a few. Last week, the Aquarium welcomed these two beautiful baby Undulate Rays into the World. All stingrays born into the Aquarium are micro chipped and tracked, in order to keep a record of all of the rays in the program. Sea Life’s breeding program is part of larger a European breeding program for this species. Other Aquariums throughout Europe participate in tracking and gene mapping the Undulate Rays, in order to ensure proper mating and preserve the genetic health of the species. The aquarium is working to ensure this endangered species survives, and every birth brings them one step closer to this goal.  MORE

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