After first writing about Lydia the Great White Shark in March, it’s cool to see where she is headed now. lydia-shark-tracking

Back in March, researchers thought Lydia was headed for Europe, Ireland in particular. Looks like Lydia was in the mood for warmer waters. Lydia was tagged in Florida in March 2013 as part of an effort by the Ocearch Scientific Project, a non-profit organization focused on Great White Shark Research. You can track Lydia in real time, using the Ocearch shark tracker.


Of all the Great White’s tagged so far, Lydia appears to have traveled the furthest so far. The shark tracker allows you to search all sharks, but you can also filter your search and search sharks by name, gender, location they were tagged at, and stage of life. Watching Lydia’s progress with modern technology provides amazing coverage of these wondrous apex predators.  MORE

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