Just how deep is deep?  This L.robinsi was collected at over 150 meters (500+ feet)!

Over the past year, Curacao has been a hotbed for extremely deep water species entering the aquarium trade for the first time (all presumably collected by Dynasty Marine).  Last year, the first live specimens of the Bladefin Basslet (Jeboehlkia gladifer) and the Golden Basslet (Liopropoma aberrans) sold for close to $10,000 USD each (not a typo).

The video is not very eventful aside from this being the first time anyone has recorded footage of a live  Lipogramma robinsi as far as we know.  But for rare fish aficionados, videos like these are gems.  If you want to be the first aquarist to own this species, be prepared to pay an ungodly sum of money for this cichlid lookalike.

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