Video of Golden Basslet! One of four new videos from Blue Harbor.

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Blue Harbor Video Series: Liopropoma aberrans | Jeboehlkia gladifer | Tosanoides flavofasciatus

Liopropoma aberrans | There is currently a bidding war for this Golden Basslet (the current bid is in excess of $8,999.00).  This is the first time this species has entered the aquarium trade.  Read the Jeboehlkia gladifer entry to learn a little bit about the collection history of these two specimens – and beyond rarity, why these two species command such high prices.

Also making a cameo in the video are two other incredibly rare (and expensive) fish: A deep water Caribbean Bullisichthys caribbaeus (in the holding tank behind the L.aberrans) and a big Hawaiian Odontanthias fuscipinnis patrolling below it.  Blue Harbor never fails to amaze me with the selection of “holy grail” species very few hobbyists ever get to see in their lifetimes.

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