blobWe all know that Global warming in recent years is at its highest levels. Global warming is a huge problem, of which we don’t even know the implications of the full long term impacts of this rapid climate change. Three different ‘blobs’ of warm water throughout the World are having a huge impact on the marine ecosystem. One blob is in the Bering Sea, one blob is located off the Coast of California and one blob is in the Pacific. The blobs can range in size. However, the Pacific blog is 1000 miles long, 1000 miles wide and 100 yards deep! Although the name ‘blob’ may not sound so imposing, these warmer waters are wreaking havoc on salmon and California droughts, just to name a few. The warm temperatures are creating major changes in marine life’s normal migratory patterns, and causing variations as much as hundreds of miles off the normal course. For example, causing skip jack tuna and thresher shark to be seen in Alaska! Pygmy Killer Whales have been seen off the Coast of Washington. Scientists are still unclear on how long this will last and what impacts it will have. MORE

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