Wash Off: a New Coral Dip

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wash off bottle - reefsMECoral a provider of high quality aquarium additives, is proud to introduce “WASH OFF”. The newly-developed formula for Wash Off includes lavender, lemon, and pine oil at a powerful concentration. The 100% pure plant extracts are highly effective at cleaning newly acquired corals with less stress or harm than harsher medicines, pesticides, or iodine based dips, and is very effective at promoting coral heath and rejuvenating damaged corals (Rtn, Stn, or Bacterial Infection). It is available at local fish stores and online at MECoral.com.

ME coral logo - reefsMECoral was incorporated 4 years ago as a Licensed Aquaculture Facility in Florida.  While they are still licensed for aquaculture, they no longer focus on selling corals to the public, but use the facility to grow corals for testing supplements and coral additives. The founder and owner, Mark Esquenazi, is committed to using pharmaceutical grade (USP) additives; they are 99.x% pure with minimal impurities. Industrial grade additives can range from 70-90% in purity and hence they have 10-30% impurities, which are very difficult to remove once they’re in your system .

Mark decided to enter the coral dip market with the hope of improving upon the formulations already available from other companies, whose main effective ingredients are pine and lemon oil. His company began testing various other dip additives, and asked for feedback on forums and other web sites. They discovered that adding lavender oil to the dip formulation eliminated more pest and bacterial issues.

Lavender has been used for years as an antimicrobial agent and as a natural pesticide, and it is still used today as a mosquito and bug repellent without the harmful effects of deet or harmful pesticides. This new dip is made from .75% Lavender Oil, .75% Lemon Oil, and .75%Pine oil.

Steve Brooker owner of Crazycorals says,  ” I have used many dips, but Wash Off does a much better job washing corals”.

How to use dip:

20 ml of dip should be added to 1 gallon of saltwater taken from the aquarium and placed in a container. Place newly acquired or recently-fragged corals in this solution, and agitate the water with a small pump or a turkey baster. Leave the coral in this solution for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse coral in another container of clean tank water to remove the dip and then it’s ready to place in the aquarium. The formulation works on all corals such as SPS,LPS, Chalice, Monti, and Zoas.


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