Let’s start off this week with something new! Here’s our first installment of what we hope to make an ongoing feature here at reefs.com, a little video blog called “The Reef Table”. Here we’ll be addressing the hobby’s hot topics on a face to face basis with industry experts in hopes of shedding light on prevalent issues, or sometimes just sitting down to talk about some really sweet fish.

Well, for our very first episode, that’s exactly what we decided to do. I sat down with Lemon Tea Yi Kai, editor for ReefBuilders and an unfathomable wealth of knowledge when it comes to reef fish. He was kind enough to join me all the way from Singapore (via a video call, of course), despite the fact it was nearly 3AM his time AND he had a flight to catch to yet another dreamy destination, to touch on the scarcely discussed topic of deep-water fish. Hope you all enjoy!

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