Whitespotted Filefish, Cantherhines macrocerus

by | Jan 1, 2016 | Contest, Corals, Reef, Science | 0 comments

whitespotted filefish - reefsI have a full size adult Whitespotted Filefish for you all today that I shot yesterday while out photographing the sub at 50 feet in front of the Substation entrance. These fish are super calm and very curious, one of the few easy fish for new underwater photographer to shoot.

The American whitespotted filefish typically has a brown or olive colored body, although it may also be grey. These fish can rapidly change appearance to a high contrast color pattern with a much darker background and many light colored spots. With a maximum length of around 18 inches, they are smaller than the scrawled filefish which is also found in their range. The American whitespotted filefish is often seen in pairs. These fish are omnivorous; although they eat animals like sponges, stinging coral and gorgonians, and algae.

Happy New Year one and all, another year of blogging has ended, thanks for all the support!!!!!!!




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