Who Hates Frag Plugs?

by | Oct 6, 2018 | Equipment, Reef | 0 comments

frag plugMe. Yes, frag plugs serve a great purpose when shipping or displaying frags for potential customers but they look like crap when placed in a display tank. I know, over time a healthy frag will encrust and cover that plug but who wants to stare at that eyesore for months on end.

My solution has been to glue frags to reef rock rubble and then attach the rubble to main reef rock. The process begins by cutting the frags off of the plugs and then dipping them to prevent any pests from entering the tank. It is important to snip the frag above any part of the frag that has encrusted onto the plug since AEFW eggs are laid at the base of corals and can survive MORE


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