Win some Orphek PR-25 and ML7 from

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Win some Orphek PR-25 and ML7 from

Lots of LEDs up for grabs at! is giving away a total of six PR-25s and four ML7s!  Please visit 3reef’s contest page for more information on how to win these wonderful LED lights from Orphek.  The top three winners will each walk away with multiple Orphek LEDs.

The Orphek PR-25 is a screw-in PAR38 form-factor LED bulb (screws into a standard incandescent socket).  12 diodes are driven at 2 watts per piece to produce approximately 25 watts of light.  The output is said to be equivalent to a 150W metal halide.  The Orphek ML7 is a moonlight with four blue and three UV 2 watts diodes, housed in a screw-in PAR30 form-factor.  The ML7 can also be used to showcase coral fluorescence.  The PR-25 and ML7 are $199 and $99 USD respectively.

Orphek is a sponsor of both Advanced Aquarist and

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