devilsholepupfishThe Devil’s Hole Pupfish is currently the World’s rarest fish. It is estimated that there are fewer than 100 of the species left. The numbers fluctuate depending on the season. These 1-inch fish live in Devils Hole, in Death Valley National park. The fish reside solely in the top 25-30 ft of the small, geothermal aquifer fed pool in a limestone cavern, which has to be one of the smallest habitat’s there are.


The question explored by Jason Bittel in the article is are these fish worth saving? With some a small population of super small fish, the author ponders a typical perspective in todays society. With all the resources needed to save these fish…. does it make sense? Bittel thinks so, and so do I. Luckily so does the government. In 2013, the Fish and Wildlife Service opened a $4.5 Million dollar facility, the Ash Meadows Desert Fish Conservation Facility, with the goal to re-create the conditions in the Hole to aid in conservation. I think  this article raises some interesting questions for conservation. My position is that we should make every effort to save all species, from the smallest to the largest. What are you thoughts? MORE

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