Self-described World’s Smallest Aquarium [UPDATED with video!]

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Self-described World's Smallest Aquarium [UPDATED with video!]

Just about the only fish that will fit in this tank are fry, such as these baby Zebra Danios. Photo: Anatoly Konenko/Solent News

minitank2.jpgThis week’s unintentional theme: appreciating (impractical) aquariums as art.  Koneko’s latest miniature artwork measures a mere 30 mm (1.1″) wide by 24 mm (0.95″) high and 14mm (0.5″) deep.  The glass wall is extremely thin and proportioned to give the illusion of a standard glass aquarium.  You know an aquarium is really tiny when it can’t even house a 0.75″ Flaming Prawn Goby (Discordipinna griessingeri).



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