Yo 1%: We’ve got THE apartment for you

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Yo 1%: We've got THE apartment for you

Stairway to heaven

According to Chicago Magazine, a $12.9 million, 9,300 square feet duplex penthouse located at 415 E. North Water Street will soon go up for sale.  For that many clams, you get a killer view, an indoor poor, indoor basketball court, indoor squash court, steam room, five balconies, a massive modern kitchen, lots of marble and exotic woods throughout, and a $1 million glass-and-granite spiral staircase.

But it’s what’s flanking the $1 spiral staircase that really matters for fish freaks like us: two massive 500 gallon reef aquariums on each side.  Then, for good measure (in case the opulence isn’t quite over-the-top for you), there’s an additional 500 gallon aquarium outside the master bedroom.

We think that if you purchase this property, you should be contractually obligated to hold all Chicago’s reef club meetings at your place.

More photos can be viewed at Chicago Magazine’s article.



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