ZetLight Introduces Flippable Magnetic Scraper with Removable Foam Pad

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Flipping and flopping magnetic algae scrapers are all the rage these days, giving hobbyists multiple options when cleaning their aquariums with a single device. The latest scraper to surface in this expansive hobby is this Magnetic Scraper from ZetLight, and it puts a slightly different twist to the otherwise straightforward process. Besides having the typical algae scrubbing pads and bayonet style scraping blade, the ZetLight version of the scraper also has a thick foam pad for finely polishing all those internal aquarium surfaces when heavy duty algae scraping just isn’t needed. Attached with velcro and held in place by the magnetic force, this thick pad helps significantly in the cleaning process. It provides a soft and very acrylic safe cleaning pad that will remove all of the dust-like algae without scratching the tank up, and glass aquariums will certainly benefit just as well. The Magnetic Scraper is quite powerful despite its size, as it is suitable for tanks with a wall thickness up to 18mm (nearly 3/4″). The Magnetic Scraper isn’t listed on the ZetLight sight, and we don’t have a retail price or a release date, but those details will emerge soon enough. MORE: ZetLight Introduces Flippable Magnetic Scraper with Removable Foam Pad

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