20 Things to know before…

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1. You thought nothing can top the price of your secretly purchased pair of designer shoes/new alloy rims for the car? Take a good look at his/her fish tank…

2. In the middle of long-awaited vacation he/she gets an e-mail from his/her aquarium controller-time to pack your bags.

3. When his/her fish buddies visit your house you find out everyone except you speaks fluent latin.

4. You get a multimedia message from your loved one… and there’s a fish photograph in it…

5. When you prepare meat for the grill and you’re out of salt you can pretty much rub the meat against any furniture that’s in close proximity to his/her tank.

6. Women need a lot of closet space, but reefer needs more…

7. You come back from work and see him/her messing with the tank and using cookware you eat from as holding containers.

8. When you ask about his/her recent aquarium addition you hear a lot of: free,trade,present,buy one get ten free,half-price, saved it from certain death, nevermind, how was your day- coming out of his/her mouth

9. After seeing the latest electricity bill it’s hard for you to believe it’s the refrigerator…

10. You hear him/her saying that he/she need to make a quick trip to the fish store located around the corner to buy fish food and he/she comes back 8 hours later with two bags dripping saltwater on your new hardwood floors.

12. Your neighbor downstairs knocks on your door saying “Something’s leaking from my ceiling”

13. Prepare that in every city you visit the main attraction is it’s public aquarium.

14.Your cat and your reefer partner are going to be an eternal enemies. Prepare for constant starring battles.

15. You’re watching “Breaking Bad” on television and suddenly realize that you too have something resembling meth lab- right in the living room, next to the aquarium.

16. Half of the things that occupy your freezer are not human-edible (and gross)

17. You see his/her face goes red when one of your non-reefer friends asks if his/her tank is fresh or saltwater.

18.When you finally accept his/her hobby and would like your own fish in his/her tank, it turns out that everything you pick is either too aggressive, not aggressive enough or otherwise unsuitable.

19. He has and sophisticated plumbing system in his/her tank but won’t fix a leaking faucet.

20. DEA made a raid on your house in suspicion you run a growing operation, based on your electrical bill,recent metal halide bulbs purchases and the fact that the light coming through the house’s windows can be seen from a mile.



  • Marcin Smok

    Marcin Smok is a reefer, photographer, traveler, SCUBA diver and avid DIY-er. He has been keeping freshwater fish tanks since he was 9 years old and saltwater tanks for the past 10 years. Check his photography site at www.travelibn.com and follow his Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/photoreef/


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