Smorcularis Hybrid Clownfish Debut

By Josh Saul 10 years ago5 Comments

Four months ago a friend name Phil contacted me about his two clownfish who had a pulled a Montague/Capulet and decided to get hitched.  Like Sanjay’s Black Photons, these were truly an “Odd Couple”, one is an original “Snowcasso” hybrid, and the other is a Black Darwin.  Anyhow, they knew that it was much more than a hunch, and that’s the way they all became the Smorcularis Bunch.

So fast forward four months and these guys are ready to find their respective homes.  There was a big spectrum of different variations, but many of them display the traits above, an orange face, a little “eye spot” above their front fins, and a really cool pattern towards the back.  They typically match on both sides.  Since the mother was a Black Darwin, we are expecting these guys to darken up over the course of their first year.  I’m already working on a second batch.  Hopefully if they continue to lay eggs these cool fish may be available from a commercial hatchery soon, but until then, only the patient collectors who reserved them will have the opportunity to take a pair home. Progress pics here.

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