Smorcularis Hybrid Clownfish Debut

by | Dec 7, 2011 | Aquaculture, Fish | 5 comments

Four months ago a friend name Phil contacted me about his two clownfish who had a pulled a Montague/Capulet and decided to get hitched.  Like Sanjay’s Black Photons, these were truly an “Odd Couple”, one is an original “Snowcasso” hybrid, and the other is a Black Darwin.  Anyhow, they knew that it was much more than a hunch, and that’s the way they all became the Smorcularis Bunch.

So fast forward four months and these guys are ready to find their respective homes.  There was a big spectrum of different variations, but many of them display the traits above, an orange face, a little “eye spot” above their front fins, and a really cool pattern towards the back.  They typically match on both sides.  Since the mother was a Black Darwin, we are expecting these guys to darken up over the course of their first year.  I’m already working on a second batch.  Hopefully if they continue to lay eggs these cool fish may be available from a commercial hatchery soon, but until then, only the patient collectors who reserved them will have the opportunity to take a pair home. Progress pics here.

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  1. Insanity

    Where did you get that name?

  2. Tony Vargas

    They have turned out nicely.

  3. rookie07

    A Percula and Ocellaris hybrid is known as a Percularis. I am half Swedish, and “Smor” in Swedish means “butter”. Thus Smorcularis seemed fitting as it brought some of my Swedish Heritage into play, and it helped explain the mixture of color (Orange & Black) and species (Percula & Ocellaris).

  4. reefer-nyc

    Very cool.

  5. ziareefer

    Hey Josh, how do i get a hold of you. I would like to buy a pair of these for my new tank.


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