Aquascaping With CaribSea Life Rock

Years ago I tried to start a reef tank with dry rock and I had a terrible experience. It was one problem after another, including dinoflagellates, cyanobacteria and a bacterial bloom. I just couldn’t grow SPS like I had done so with live rock and I vowed to never use dry rock again. The issues stemmed from a lack of biodiversity and microfauna with the dry rock. Additionally, I probably did not dose enough bacteria to build up the biological bed. With my most recent tank build I had a very quick cycle using live rock from KP Aquatics. The tank has had a couple of hiccups but so far the SPS are thriving. So why would I switch back to dry rock for a reboot of

Breeding and Rearing Coral Reef Fish

Coral reef photo by Petr Kratochvil Biodiversity is the green word of the decade.  It’s not something new, it’s just something that someone gave a catchy name to.  Bio- for biological (fauna and flora) and “diversity” is the variety… of plant and animal...

The Mystery of the Stolen Fish Meds

Before being put on display, new animals arriving at public aquariums have to go through a quarantine process. This allows the curatorial staff to observe and treat the newcomers for any potential risks to the resident...

Collagen is not Just for Baywatch Babes!!

A good diet, washing your face and using moisturizers help to fight against the physical signs of aging, but it’s not a biological fix.  So what is? Collagen is known as the anti-aging protein. It’s a major building block in bones, ligaments and muscles and gives skin...
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