Our friend DEO Glass recently sent us some samples of his new line of frags plugs that are made out of, wait for it, hand blown glass.  Unlike those jewel encrusted iPhones, these glammed out plugs actually have a purpose.  The surface of the plugs is treated to create a specialized surface that apparently improves coral growth and encrustation rates.  Right now there are two different types of plugs, a standard plug perfect for zoas (and btw you can very easily slice polyps of these plugs with no resistance like you get with aragonite), and an acro specific plug with a recessed spot to put in the fresh cut end.  These plugs are virtually invisible within our tanks and will NOT break (we dropped them onto had surfaces from about 6ft).  We’ll come back in the future to let you know how fast our corals are encrusting onto them, but in the mean time if you want to get your hands on them, contact DEO Glass astevedeo@gmail.com to get some of these collectible goodies.

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