Acropora for Beginners

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Your coral source can play an important role in success

With the introduction of more aquaculture and mariculture facilities, there has been a boom in specimens available at the local fish stores these days.

But I will say for certain that if you can get a frag from a successful hobbyist, those tend to be even more robust and better able to tolerate the variations in water parameters for a beginner.

If I had to rank in order the preference of livestock sources, it would be the following:

  1. Local successful hobbyist/local fish store aquacultured
  2. 3rd party aquacultured
  3. 3rd party maricultured
  4. Wild specimens

Domesticated specimens by local sources tend to be less likely to carry pests and are more robust. As you move down the list, the survivability depends on how long the specimens are being held and the care they have been receiving. But as with anything, the safe practice of quarantining and/or at least dipping for pests is still recommended no matter who you get them from. It only takes one event to infest your system.The hardiest Acropora species I have had tend to belong to the following light-loving species that can handle strong 10,000-20,000 Kelvin lighting: Acropora yongei (i.e. Bali Green Slimer) Acropora formosa Acropora microphthalma (i.e MORE

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