Amtra Square Skim Titanium 1500: square with a titanium impeller

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This really is daring. This is creating something new: Amtra Square Skim Titanium 1500, the square skimmer with a titanium impeller.

We heard about it several years ago and we finally have a sample in our hands. This skimmer breaks every scheme. Not only is its base square but it has a brand new titanium mesh impeller!  Royal-Exclusiv® and Euro Reef® both introduced a mesh impeller in 2019, but actually it has never been applied to their products, and now Amtra is ready to present this realization.

Titanium has excellent and useful qualities for engineering: it has low density, high strength (it’s as resistant as steel but 56% lighter; it’s also 60% heavier than aluminum but two times stronger), low modulus of elasticity, low thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to rust, ease of processing, biocompatibility, very short radioactive half live (that allows its use in radioactive systems), it’s not magnetic and easily endures high temperatures (thanks to its high fusion point). It also has an high resistance to a vast range of acids and bases, both from natural waters and chemical products but, most of all, it’s immune to the erosion made by the salt of marine waters and environments (it’s almost 20 times more resistant than copper-nickel alloys).

This material seems perfect for the construction of the impeller.

Technically we’re talking about a monopump skimmer with inner pump and diffusion plate, and the pump has 35 watts. But we’re curious to understand how the titanium can help the skimming process of this pump.

The skimmer is very well built; the plastic parts seem a bit light to the touch, but if I don’t think this has any impact on its use.

Technical characteristics of the Amtra Square Skim Titanium 1500

  • Suggested dimensions of the marine aquarium: up to 1500 liters;
  • Skimming pump: Amtra 8,000 l/h;
  • Treated water: n/a (but we will measure it);
  • Suggested treated water: up to 8,000 l/h;
  • Consumption: 35 watts;
  • Dimensions: base of 23×23 cm;
  • Diameter of the cylinder: n/a.;
  • Inner diameter of the cylinder: n/a.;
  • Height: 55 cm;
  • Water level requested: 18-20 cm;
  • Cost: 599 euro.

The skimmer has a square base, then it narrows to the glass, also square. Here is a video so that you can get an idea for yourselves.

Video of the Amtra Square Skim Titanium 1500

Below is another perspective of the Square Skim Titanium1500, where you can see the controller of the pump and the bottom drain.

The handle for the opening and closing of the drain is hinged to the muffler of the skimmer. The skimmer also has small rubber pads and a double system of decoupling the pump with the base.

The glass of the skimmer can be extracted by pivoting from the front, and it’s kept in position by a seal. Simple and easy, another thing we like.

This is the most interesting feature of the skimmer. The mesh impeller is made from titanium. In place of the usual needles, it has a titanium mesh, and we want to test its usefulness. You can see the impeller in the picture below.

Its square shape means that this skimmer will fit better in a corner of the sump, without much bulk. Very useful for those who have a small sump.

But what do you think of the titanium impeller?

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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