An introduction from some guy you have never heard of.

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Here on this blog we have some of the brightest minds contributing from the world of reefing:  Sanjay Joshi , Rich Ross, Christine Williams,  Joe Yaiullo and the list goes on… and then you have me.  Unknown, under-qualified and intimidated to be listed with these names(albeit far below them).  If you read Sanjay’s first blog you saw that he wondered what he had to blog about and why anyone would care…. you can’t begin to  imagine my first thoughts when I was asked to blog.  If he thinks people don’t care about what he blogs then I am in trouble.  Better try to sell myself.   Since I don’t have so much to tell you about my accomplishments in the hobby, I can tell you what accomplishments I have not and will not achieve in this lifetime.   I have never received a MASNA award for outstanding contributions to the hobby.  I have never curated and founded a public aquarium or helped plan and maintain a 212,000 gallon reef.  I have never bred rare cephalopods.  I have never been a marine biologist or even a non-marine biologist.  Once, I knocked over a 5 foot tall pyramid of millions of brine shrimp in little round bowls at a pet store in Albany, NY.  Another time I actually got independent study credits for maintaining a reef tank for a science lab at my college.  Those are the two shining milestones on my reef curriculum vitae.   When I am not sticking my hands in saltwater I am a middle school teacher in N.Y.C.  I have kept a reef tank on and off for about 11 years (almost 5 of those years with no tank at all, go figure).  Right now I have a 57 gallon mixed reef.  I am just a regular reefer who likes to babble.  I go through the same highs and lows all reefers do and will document them in a (hopefully) entertaining and/or informative way.  If you want to know what my contributions to this blog will be like you can get a good idea from a couple of articles I wrote for Reefs Magazine.  You can find links below. and



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