Aqamai KPS: a Preview of this New, Small Pump

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pompa aqamai kpsThe new, tiny Aqamai KPS pump finally arrived, and we were eager to give it a complete test.

It was presented as an advanced concept at Interzoo 2016, seen in action at the PetsFestival 2016, and now it’s available to the public.

The pump is incredibly small, especially considering its range.

Aqamai KPS technical characteristics

The Aqamai KPS stands immediately out for its very high efficiency: 415 liters per watt. An incredible value, made even more impressive considering this pump’s size.

 Maximum flow 4,150 l/h
 Consumption 4-10 w
 Suggested aquarium 40-200 l
 Length 6.3 cm
 Width 4.8 cm
 Height 4.8 cm
 Maximum efficiency (lxw) 415 l/w


pompa aqamai kps

It needs a smartphone app to use, which is compatible with Android or Apple. You can find it in the specific stores (apple or android), but to make it work you need one of these pumps or one of the new LRM ceiling lights.

Il centro di controllo della pompa Aqamai KPS

The controller of the Aqamai KPS pump

The controller is small, round, and connected to both the power source and the pump. Inside is the WiFi controller, which links the pump to the app.

In the following picture, we can appreciate the tiny pump with its two-propeller rotor, as small as it is. The outer skull cap is interlocking and protects fish and snails from the rotor.

pompa aqamai kps

The rotor is really small, as you can see in the following picture.

pompa aqamai kps - giranteAnother peculiarity of this pump is its magnetic sucker. It’s a patent by Hydor, designed to create a safe, super secure mount to the glass, combining a sucker and a magnet. The specifics confirm an attachment up to a glass thickness of 15 mm. My tank’s glass is 15mm thick, so it will been tested with this arrangement.

The pump attaches magnetically to the sucker. The final form has a very captivating appearance, as well as the ability to rotate the pump in many directions.

pompa aqamai kps


The Aqamai KPS costs 119,99 euro ($135 US). The economic efficiency is 20.75 liters per euro. An average value, until we take into consideration its performance: we have to factor in its high efficiency as well as its tiny size. For now, we won’t talk about the controller, which will take up a very large space in our future review.

[translated by Agnese Poggi]

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    I wouldn’t have known about taking the impeller out (for maintenance) if you hadn’t included the picture. Thanks!


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