Reef Nutrition simplified!

by | May 26, 2024 | Aquaculture, Feeding | 0 comments

In this video, we teamed up with my good friend Chad Clayton from Reef Nutrition to refresh our knowledge and learn about their amazing algae and critters. I’ve interviewed and worked with Chad for years, and his excitement and passion for his animals are truly infectious. He has a unique talent for simplifying complex concepts, making them accessible to everyday people like you and me. Chad is an incredible bridge between hobbyists and the academic world of these magnificent microscopic animals and I feel truly blessed to have someone like him on our side.

Check out the video and learn everything about these small critter that makes massive difference in our aquariums.

Comment down below on your favorite Reef Nutrition product and your experience with copepods if you have used them before.

Happy Reefing!

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