Unless you’re a heartless Snorkel Bob supporter, you are really going to enjoy this heartwarming story about a beloved goldfish. Einstein, the fish, was stricken with a dibilitating disease that prevented it from being able to swim. All the fish could do was go belly up and sink to the bottom. The fish’s owner, Leighton Naylor, couldn’t sit idly by while the fish suffered, so he fashioned a life jacket out of air tubing to keep the fish swimming upright and off the tank’s gravel bottom. Naylor claims that the fish wasn’t too efficient with the buoyancy aid at first, as Einstein would swim into objects and get stuck. Because of this, Naylor made the aquarium a little more disabled fish friendly by removing a lot of the decor that only served as obstacles. Since the implementation of the life jacket and rearranging the decor, Einstein has been doing well. He cannot swim to the surface to eat, but is fed through a tube that is lowered into the water. It’s stories like these that show the more loving side of aquarium keeping. Most of us take great pride in our tanks and get attached to each and every fish we keep, regardless of what type of tank you have or how long you’ve been in the hobby. Story via: I F*cking Love Science and Buzz Patrol

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