Aquarium of the Pacific Unveils New Technology

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Aquarium of the Pacific
in Long Beach is really pushing technology into every area of their organization.  In order the leverage the tremendous cost and associated value that the aquarium provides as a learning tool, they’ve begun to offer videoconferencing to enhance remote classroom learning for organizations affiliated with their program.  Details on the program for interested educators is available HERE.

Never visited the aquarium?  No problem.  This week they announced a new set of webcams on some of the most popular exhibits.  For example, from your desk you can now look in on Blue Cavern, Tropical Reef, and our favorite, the Sex Change Exhibit webcam (What?  We like the anthias!).  The video is surprising clear and the motion is fluid, allowing you to really dive into each tank from your computer.  If you like what you see, remember that all this technology costs money, and the aquarium runs as a result of sponsorship and donations from people who care about the oceans and education.  You can support them by donating HERE.

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