Back to the basics: new Reef Art site

by | May 1, 2012 | Eye Candy, Photography | 3 comments

Often times it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of our own tanks, but it is equally important to go back to the roots–to look to the ocean and reef environments–for inspiration, to learn more about the natural history of the animals we keep, or simply to remember how beautiful a natural reef can be.

Diving in the south Pacific can fill that need, but for those of us unable to do so, good photography can be the next best thing. Chris Maupin, one of our regular contributors, is a graduate student in paleoclimatology, and though his research has had the opportunity to travel to some exotic reefs not on the beaten path.  Through his website, , he is now offering a limited number of his photos (reef and otherwise) for sale as prints which are exciting not only as documentation of natural reefs, but as stand-alone works of art. I’d say they’d make a great addition to your fishroom, but they are way too beautiful to tuck away in a basement room only one person ever sees, so share them!




  1. Richard Aspinall


    • Richard Aspinall

      or spelled correctly…beautiful

  2. Paul Whitby

    Very Nice Chris, a great eye!


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