bashSumpFor years now the Bashsea team has been producing robust equipment for the aquarium industry. They continue to push the limit of fit, form and function, with these recent new releases being no exception. The black and white scheme of their newest custom signature series absolutely floored me, and I’m not one to drool over crazy sumps in general. Perhaps it’s the clean lines. Perhaps it’s the way the white pops out at me screaming, “Austin, you need this.” Whatever it is, my custom made glass sump looks like a box ‘o crap compared to these gorgeous acrylic fabrications.

bashSump2Bashea had this to say regarding their new black and white behemoth, “This complete system was engineered and built for a local Michigan extreme hobbyist… The sump itself is 96 x 24 x 16 … Twisted skimmer is a 12-48 with a matching size bioreactor… The back top trim of the sump incorporates over 20 specific holes for auto top off reactors probes ect.. The larger holes outlined in white acrylic are for all plugs running in and out of the sump cords out of the way nice and clean!!

bashSump3Of course the sump couldn’t utilize the standard blue color scheme of the Bashsea twisted skimmers and bioreactors, so they were made to match. Certainly a match made in heaven for any reef nut.

If the black and white doesn’t tickle your fancy as it does mine, fear not! Bashsea has been releasing similar sumps utilizing red and blue acrylic as well. Be sure to check them out on Facebook or visit their website linked above. All photo credit to Bashsea.



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