Cancer Fighting Drugs From the Reef

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This recent report from NBC Universal sheds light on what a lot of hobbyists already know in their heart, that the reef has untold riches to benefit the world if we would just take more time to study them.  The sheer diversity of life on the reefs and the incredible number of compounds found in even the smallest life forms makes it statistically probable that there are many biological and chemical tools available that we just haven’t figured out yet.  Take cancer for instance.  Corals seem to be impervious to cancers, even though they can live for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Octopuses and sharks share this incredible trait.  Also, how many reef animals can regenerate limbs, even with the stressors of an ultracompetitive reef world trying to eat any critter who is weak or wounded?  The number of poisons and toxins alone should be a clue that there are a lot of cool compounds available, even in our lowly aquariums.  This video special really dives into the latest developments in this field.  Take a moment to follow this LINK to see the other videos.

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