The upcoming issue of Reefs magazine will feature part two of the series documenting the Steinhart Aquarium in California Academy of Sciences role in the 2011 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition. Check out part one here, and until the new issue is out, here is something that was cut from the part 2:

“Still flushed from our encounter with nighttime SPS spawning, we were further excited when a few days later we came upon a spawning of the soft coral Cespitularia. This spawn was very different from the hard coral spawing because not only did it take place during the day, but the behavior of the eggs was markedly different. In the hard coral spawn, the egg/sperm bundles floated up to the surface at night, presumably to avoid predation by other reef animals. The Cespitularia spawn on the other hand, was neutrally or negatively bouyant, and though we shook the the spawn into the water column, no fish would come anywhere near it.”

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