reefs.comPIJACpackUnless you’re living under a live rock you’ve likely heard a good amount of chatter lately regarding the organization PIJAC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Rich Ross’ recent article that explains how and why PIJAC is fighting to save our hobby/industry. While fundraising will boil down to the mass support of hobbyists, in my opinion (so spread the word guys!), we have seen an encouraging response from the industry side as hoped.

Cherry Corals just posted a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack stating, “All the proceeds from this pack (less shipping) goes directly to the Ornamental Defense fund and will aid in the efforts to save our hobby!” How cool is that! These aquacultured frags will land in someones tank while supporting the only real voice we have against the powers at be that can potentially end, or severely restrict our beloved hobby/industry.

We encourage all hobbyists and industry folk alike to support PIJAC monetarily, and would love to see some other vendors put their products where their mouth is with incentives to donate such as this.

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