Colombo Coral Vits

Nutrition for corals, as for any other kind of animal, is essential.

We have often talked about Zooplankton as a primary source of food for coral, but we must not forget the importance of vitamins and amino acids. Colombo Coral Vits addresses this; it is a liquid food for corals, just containing vitamins and amino acids.

In their natural environment in the sea, corals are able to catch many different varieties of live zooplankton. In this way, they are able to absorb amino acids and vitamins straight from the source. Unfortunately, the lack of high-quality and diverse live zooplankton in our tanks leads to a scarcity of these two essential elements.

Colombo Coral Vits

Colombo has formulated Coral Vits as a vitamin and amino acid combination that is immediately bioavailable. This kind of food, thanks to the presence of amino acids, should be dosed in aquarium when the lights are turned off, a few minutes before dosing zooplankton. Amino acids stimulate the corals’ hunger and promote polyp extrusion in the search for food.

coral, polyps

Costs and dosing of Colombo Coral Vits

Coral Vits is only available in a 500 ml bottle. Suggested dosing is 1 ml for every 50 liters, daily. Of course, the dosing must be calibrated according to each marine aquarium’s requirements.


This means that for a 300 liter tank with a medium coral density, the 500 ml bottle would last 500/6=83 days, which is about three months.

Colombo Coral Vits costs 13,35 euro ($16 USD).

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[Translated By Federico Lavezzi]

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