Coral Atoll Nation Considers Evacuation

by | Mar 15, 2012 | Conservation, Science | 0 comments

photo: REUTERS

Kiribati, a small nation of atolls in the Line Islands, south of Hawai’i on the Equator and near the International Dateline, has revealed last week that it is considering the logistics involved in moving the entire nation’s population of 103,000 people to Fiji. Why you ask? Climate change and associated sea level rise. President Anote Tong cited that villages have already had to be moved inland from rising tides, and several instances of freshwater aquifer contamination by seawater.  Full story HERE.


  • Chris Maupin

    Chris Maupin is a research scientist at Texas A&M University, whose primary research interests consist of using the geochemistry of coral skeletons, microfossils and cave deposits to reconstruct climate variability and investigate climate change in the coral-rich regions of World Ocean. His day job ranges from from turning wrenches on mass spectrometers to culturing corals, with fieldwork in incredible places in between.


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