In this episode Ben and Rich have Gold Level Beefer and all around amazing human Scott Oliphant on the show to share his wisdom about Fluconazole.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:53 Welcome Scott
00:08:18 SPONSOR: PolypLab
00:09:46 Fluconazole
00:27:08 SPONSOR:
00:29:51 Cipro dosing
00:47:16 Support Reef Beef!
00:49:12 Rich won’t use Fluconazole
00:52:23 One magic answer?
00:55:04 Don’t have blind faith
00:56:36 Ben’s BEEF
00:59:39 Scott’s Tanks
01:09:02 Scott’s Advice
01:10:29 Scott’s BEEF
01:19:53 More of Scott’s Tanks
01:26:24 Wrap Up
01:27:32 BLOOPERS

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