Dennerle Cleanator, a Sponge for Aquarium Glass

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Unfortunately, sooner or later we all have to clean the glass on our aquarium, and Dennerle Cleanator is a pratical and clever tool for this unavoidable job.

Many people turn first to magnetic glass cleaners. The inner layer of the magnet is slightly abrasive and it rubs off the algae. These magnet cleaners are only successful with less stubborn algae; with coralline algae, for example, you have to add a scraper. Doing so redeuces the strangth of the magnet on the glass.

Enter the Dennerle Cleanator, a double-face sponged. One layer is soft and the other is stainless steel.

Even on calcified seaweed, one touch with the steely wool cleaned the glass completely.

It sounds potentially destructive, but Dennerle assures us that its Cleanator doesn’t damage the glass of the aquarium. I have already tested it, and I haven’t seen any scratches, but I haven’t been using it long enough to make a definite conclusion.

A nice perk is that you can use this sponge to clean the outside and the edges of the glass. Then, just wash it with osmosis or even sink water , and it’s as good as new.

The ergonomic shape allows it to fit almost anywhere, including corners. What makes it particularly unique is its ability to very easily  clean curved glass. While rare in marine aquaristic, it is a seen quite often with freshwater aquariums.

Above you can see a fresh water aquarium by Dennerle with curved edges. The spongee is perfect for cleaning the glass here.

The sponge is priced at 5,59 euro ($6.25 USD), so it’s very inexpensive.

Contraindications of the use of Dennerle Cleanator

There is only one drawback. To you use the Dennerle Cleanator, you have to put your hands in the aquarium. And if the aquarium is deep, you’ll get your entire arm wet.

Have you ever used this sponge or considered it? Let us know in the comments, on our forum, or one of our social channels. [Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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