Do you feed your corals? Is fish poop enough for our corals?

Many corals don’t need to be fed, and there are thousands of aquariums with thriving corals that are ok with just fish poop.

Why would we feed our corals?

  • Faster growth
  • Enhanced, vibrant coloration
  • Faster recovery time if there are any tissue damages

So which corals need supplemental feeding to thrive in our aquariums?
LPS corals, like blastos, trachyphyllias, acanthophyllias, scolymias, etc. will do so much better with food supplementation and some aquarists argue that this is absolutely necessary for long term success with these types of corals.

Check out the video below about LPS feeding. You can see the reaction and the time-lapse footage of various LPS corals actively consuming food that was available for them.

Learn more about these meaty LPS corals here:

I feel that SPS Corals don’t really need to be fed, but they will benefit from occasional target feedings. You can see the polyps on the SPS grab these small particles to consume it. Great video footage from Reef Bum on his Red Planet acropora.

You wouldn’t think that Zoanthids and Palythoas would benefit from special feedings, but take a look here. You can learn about them and see them actually grab and eat pellet food. Confirmed better growth with additional feeding from ACI Aquaculture in Plant City, Florida.

If you are confident in your ability to control nutrient levels in your tank and want to experiment with feeding your corals, do give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at the reaction that these corals will show you, and you’ll like the rewards of faster growth rate. Feed responsibly and do regularly check your nitrate and phosphate levels, as additional feedings will add nutrients to your tank.


Enjoy and happy reefing!

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