Ecotech Radion Software Update

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Our friend Mr. Saltwatertank just revealed that Ecotech released a new version of software for their new Radion lights today.  Some of the features include:

Accelerated program review feature – View the whole day’s program in 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes
Natural Mode is enabled
– Adjustable depth offset
– Adjustable storm and cloud probability

Live Demo is enabled:

  • Real-time palette and intensity adjustment
  • Save custom color and intensity settings for use in Artificial Mode programs
  • Toggle feature modes on and off

Artificial Mode has been improved:

  • Import and export Artificial Mode program graphs as a backup or to share with other radion users
  • Option to see separate color channel contribution independently throughout the duration of the program

Other Important Improvements:

  • radion naming and grouping has been simplified and made more intuitive
  • Programming/updating of radion fixtures can now be done individually or in groups
  • Light name and program will now be imported from the light following a new software installation

Easter Eggs????

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