In this episode we talk to Dr. Andrew Rhyne about the marine aquarium trade and his MACNA 2021 talk.

Time Stamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:31 Rich wants your support!
00:01:12 Rich had a Beefer IN HIS HOUSE
00:03:45 Hello Andy!
00:08:12 Andy likes Fluc
00:14:43 Support Reef Beef!
00:15:16 No Spores in the Bubble
00:17:11 Andy’s Lab at RWU
00:30:54 SPONSOR: Polyp Lab
00:34:39 Rich needs Shrimp
00:36:01 Feeding fish to fish
00:48:02 Support Reef Beef!
00:49:56 Andy’s Beef
01:04:41 MACNA 2021 & important conversations
01:22:57 What can I do?
01:34:29 Thanks Andy!
01:36:45 Bloopers


Episode 33 – The Feel Good Episode with Dr. Andrew Rhyne

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