Tridacna gigas or commonly referred in the trade as Gigas clam has been out of the trade for well over a decade because it has become endangered species that is protected internationally and are CITES appendix 2 and being petitioned to be protected by the Endangered Species Act due to so many illegal poaching by Chinese fishermen. People often wondered when and if we will be able to see these majestic “giant clam” both in the wild and in our trade again. Few weeks ago, I have received a call from ORA – Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums that they have successfully aquacultured these highly rare Gigas Clam, grown to a respectable size and have successfully landed and properly acclimated. I drove up to ORA to report to you guys first hand as things went down!

Another case where aquaculture is bridging the world of science, hobby and conservation together! We are living in an exciting times. Exciting times indeed!

Check it out!


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